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Guangzhou Shengchuan packaging equipment Co. Ltd is a sauce quantitative filling machine, paste filling machine, liquid filling machine, three (four) screw cap glass bottle capping machine, screw cap automatic capping machine, wide mouth bottle sealing machine, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, vacuum sealing machine, polyester bottle machine, vacuum packaging machine, labeling machine, labeling machine, glue code, code printing machine, machine oil edible oil automatic filling and capping printing packaging line, honey syrup concentrate the automatic filling and sealing labeling packaging line, tomato sauce sauce chili sauce peanut butter sauce sauce filling and capping line products such as professional production and processing limited liability company (the natural person investment or holding), the company is headquartered in Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City wins in packaging equipment Co., Ltd. has a complete, scientific quality management system.

Guangzhou Shengchuan packaging equipment limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome all friends to visit Guangzhou Shengchuan packaging equipment limited company to visit, guidance andbusiness negotiation.